A secret in the north of Portugal
in its pure state

Salutis Natural Mineral Water was born in Paredes de Coura, in the north of Portugal.

On the banks of the River Coura, nature undresses and reveals all its serenity and natural charm. The unique connection with nature gives Salutis Natural Mineral Water a freshness that purifies and transforms.

Packed by nature, in a Place of Time, the water that is ours is born.

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The secret to your vitality
Health is a

For over 100 years, doctors and specialists have recognised the unique characteristics of Salutis Natural Mineral Water.

Its soft, light texture envelops the palate, providing full moisturisation. Unique natural minerals enrich each drop, transporting nutrients to your body.

Salutis Natural Mineral Water is your ally in cognitive performance, body temperature regulation and skin radiance.

Drink Salutis Natural Mineral Water.
Health flows with water and life is renewed with every sip.