Natural Mineral Water

Very light

It glides on smoothly for a light and refreshing moisturising experience. Enjoy the invigorating sensation with every sip, while your body is nourished.


Rich in minerals and free from impurities, Salutis Natural Mineral Water has the power to purify and renew the immune system, maintaining an active and healthy life.


You'll feel the unrivalled freshness of our water in every drop. It comes from crystal-clear springs, where Salutis Natural Mineral Water captures the essence of nature.


Water that awakens your senses.
Salutis Natural Mineral Water cleanses your mind, revitalises your body and nourishes your soul.

Spring Water

Our spring water, Serrabrava, is a natural treasure that springs from the earth, fresh and pure. This crystal-clear water is enriched with beneficial minerals along the way.

Complying with all HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) quality control rules, its balanced composition quenches thirst and revitalises body and mind.

Each drop is a gift from nature that connects us to the vital essence of the earth.

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A spring in your home

Enjoy the convenience of having pure water delivered to your home. Our home delivery service gives you access to a healthy source of hydration, with a guarantee stamp on every drop of water delivered.

Salutis - Natural Mineral Water in flavour and quality

Technical Specifications

Every detail is carefully thought out to ensure that our customers consume excellent water.
Some of the technical specifications that make Salutis Natural Mineral Water a superior choice are:

Chemical composition